To start the design process we need to come and visit your property. Angelique will usually come and visit you first. Site visits start from $199 plus gst. Here she can understand your needs, your budget and the lay of the land.  The design process requires balancing all these features together. It begins with asking a series of questions that will help define the various aspects of the landscape and the area to be designed.  And more specifically what is the purpose of your garden space.  Are there safety requirements? Is this space for aesthetics, economics, access, a meeting place or perhaps this is part of a plan that considers the environment?

Designing is not a linear process, we may revisit earlier visions of the design to tweak and refine and this is completed with as much of your input as possible. The goal is to design something that comes to fruition and become a source of pride for you.

GOLD AWARD Kiwi back garden


The amount of time that can be used in research and design will vary from plan to plan, as we want to make sure that we incorporate the correct amount of information on your plan that is specific to you and that the design is what you will want to build.


To see examples of our concept plans go to our Compare Plans page.


The time spent on the design of a plan is always well spent, as this is usually the time when you can troubleshoot any possible issues or foresee new opportunities and adjust the plans to suit the project as you go.

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