Landscape Design

Thinking of going green?

Angelique is dedicated to promoting a healthy environment. To view some of her ECO-Friendly garden plans please click here.

If you are thinking about how to promote a healthier garden for yourself, take a quick inventory of your property. How much of your garden is covered by turf and how much of it do you actually use? How much time and money do you spend maintaining your garden? Does your property have an abundance of trees and shrubs? Of the ones you have, how many are native to your area? Are trees strategically placed to take advantage of their summer cooling effect on your home or act as windbreaks during the winter? Does the plant material in your present landscape require supplemental irrigation, the use of chemical fertilizers and the use of pesticides?

Current practices such as maintaining large turf areas, minimizing the use of trees and shrubs and planting exotics and cultivars rather than native plant species, have a detrimental effect on our ecosystem. These practices reduce biological and genetic diversity and eliminate native plant and wildlife habitat. Turf, exotics and cultivars usually require supplemental irrigation which wastes our precious water resources. The use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers contribute to the pollution of our atmosphere, soils, rivers, lakes and ground water.

Our ecosystem is a thriving community of living organisms that is constantly evolving to accommodate changes in the environment.An ecosystem that is working well will provide us with clean air, pure water and fertile soil. Our very existence depends on it. As we reduce native habitat, reduce biodiversity and add pollutants to the atmosphere, water and soil, we are simply reducing nature's ability to provide us with a healthy environment.

If doing your part for our ecosystem includes an ECO-friendly landscape project, give us a call or go to our contact page to start your journey to better living. If you have any questions please visit or Frequently Asked Questions page or you can ask us a question via our contact page.