Monique has been Angelique's support person for the business helping out with human resources, suppliers, office administration, project management and planting. Monique has been involved with the business since Angelique started it back in 2003. As she has been part of the business for many years and is also a designer with a keen eye, she knows exactly how to handle projects when needed. Albany North Shore commercial planting

She has been part of many projects including large scale commercial planting projects, ensuring that plants are delivered on time, within budget, and planted correctly for Long Term Results.

Shown here is the planting for a commercial project on the North Shore for Matvin Construction. Monique ensured these plants were high quality specimens planted to Angelique's specifications which have now shown outstanding results.

Monique now runs her own successful business in designing and creating wedding gowns and clothing alterations, but still has her input into the business on a part time basis.

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