Benefits for you!

You have made a great choice when you decide to design your landscape with Angelique. She has loads of experience designing for High Profile TV garden personality Tony Murrell as well as large commercial companies and on to smaller private gardens. Angelique also tends to use ECO-Friendly techniques and products that can help to benefit you..

Here are just SOME of the benefits when you choose Angelique to design a garden for you:

  • SMART TREE PLACEMENT - This will help to maintain better energy savings in your home with Strategic placing of trees to allow for shade, warmth and/or visual impact.

  • APPROPRIATE PLANT TYPES - There are so many plants, we know! We have direct access to hundreds of nurseries growing plants! And we know which ones work well in your garden.

  • LESS CO2 - being emitted from your home garden. More efficient gardens will produce less CO2 with the appropriate Trees and plants placed in the correct positions.

  • MORE OXYGEN - The more plants you are able to plant in your garden the more Energy you will get from increased Oxygen levels.

  • CREATE SHADING WHERE YOU WANT IT - All too often we see trees and many plants in the wrong places where they become too large or interfere with drainage and shadow homes at the wrong time of the day!

  • DESIGNED FOR ACTIVE LIVING - Angelique designs for people who have lives to live and want to be able to use their gardens and live a healthier lifestyle.

  • DESIGNED FOR THE FUTURE - Angelique comes from a very gifted family, her Mother an Artist and Kitchen Designer, her Father an Inventor, her Twin Sister a  Couturier, and her elder sister a Visual Merchandiser. So Angelique intuitively designs for future generations incorporating skills and techniques that help to maximize long term gardens for the future.

  • HEALTHIER LIVING - Sustainable gardens are all about living a more healthier lifestyle. Angelique knows too well about keeping healthy. Angelique designs many small Kiwi Back gardens with Vege and/or Orchard gardens to support a healthier life choice.

  • REDUCED WATER RUNOFF - Angelique has a passion for Innovative Ideas, Roof gardens and other techniques used to help reduce water runoff from your property.  Keep it within your own site to minimize excess loads on city networks and neighbouring environments and you are already contributing to a better future for your children to enjoy.

For More Information Give Angelique a Call on: 027 519 7108 or go to her contact page with your inquiry.