ECO Friendly Fertilisers/Soil Conditioners

  • Gypsum Claybreaker 8 KG
    Gypsum is a slow-release source of sulphur and calcium which play a key role in improving soil structure, aeration and water retention. So you can grow better, healthier crops.
    NZ$ 19.98 8KG
    NZ$ 18.99 8KG
    NZ$ 16.51 excl GST
    Not available
  • Tui Sheep Pellets
    Like kiwifruit are to pavlova, and jandals to summer, Tui Sheep Pellets are the perfect partner for your plants. Containing all natural pelletised New Zealand sheep manure, Tui Sheep Pellets are the essential Kiwi garden ingredient.
    NZ$ 14.96 8KG
    NZ$ 13.01 excl GST
    Not available